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Questions / Request a Free Website Analysis

Bluharmonix provides a valuable service to those who would like to increase traffic to their site. However, we will not do business with the following types of organizations–

Gambling Sites
Adult Entertainment Sites
Pyramid Schemes

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Free Website Analysis

BluHarmonix will conduct an analysis of your current website and provide a report that will contain a number of valuable insights and suggestions for no charge. In order to become oriented to the specific needs of your business, we will send a questionnaire that normally takes 15 minutes to complete, and will also start you thinking about your online marketing requirements and goals.

Website Analysis Will Include

  1. Top keywords currently used to search for your site.
  2. Top keyword opportunities for your site.
  3. Main competitors for your current top keywords.
  4. Analysis of search engine traffic of top 3 competitors.
  5. Domain Age.
  6. Short Term SEO activities recommendations.
  7. Long-Term SEO activities recommendations.
  8. Ideas for boosting backlinks.